Memorable Events / Launching / Anniversary / Annual Dinner / Social Programmes (on-ground / online)

Commemorate milestones and achievements in a fun and engaging manner! With Prance, you can have activities to express your gratitude, encourage brand loyalty and celebrate a unique event. Surprise your employees and your clients' with events that are engaging and entertaining.

Why Memorable Events Engagement with Prance?

  • We provide a complete event marketing online and on-ground solution.

Brings your brand to life!

  • We align our event with clients’ marketing plans, to ensure the event and marketing strategies.

Engage your target audience!


Let us see what we can achieve for your company:

Memorable Events / Launching / Anniversary / Annual Dinner / Social Programmes (on-ground/online)

Most of the companies will organize an annual dinner/anniversary to show appreciation towards their employees/customers/target audiences after a whole year of support/hard work and achievements. It is also a part of celebration, to have great bonding time, real conversations outside of working hours.

We provide different dinner themes based on your preferences, and everyone is encouraged to match the theme. It creates a good atmosphere when we have fun and immerse in joy. Furthermore, employees’/target audiences' involvement evolves a sense of belongingness. They can feel the urge of acceptance, inclusion, and identity of themselves in the company.

In addition, some companies invite the clients, and other organizations, having a broad guest list. In this way, employees/customers/target audiences appreciation and networking for better working opportunities are taken into account besides having fun, creating a win-win situation!

How Do We Organize Your Memorable Events?


Know Your Goals

We make sure the event fulfills your goals by knowing the purpose of it. We will identify your goals, concentrate on the focus and plan around it.

Customized and Personalized

We customize your activities according to your goals. In addition, we can have personalized events depending on the quality of events you want to achieve.

Create The Themes

We develop and create the themes to break the old, traditional way of events. It helps to unblock the minds, bringing in new ideas and more engagement!

Smooth Progress and Organized

We plan the events to the best when we have a dress rehearsal so that every process is going well.

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What Our Clients Say

  • Mr Keith Kee
    Keith Kee Couture Sdn Bhd
    Our KKC Spring Autumn Collection & Poh Kong Jewelry Show ran smoothly with the nice photo wall, booths & counters arrangement, models run way, lighting and audio system. Thanks Prance for setting up the event hall with a grand and glamorous layout!  Earlier our KKC 15th Anniversary Grand Event was handled successfully by Prance's event team too.
    Mr Keith Kee
  • Mr Hogan Weng
    Thanks to Prance for the giving hand they did for our company's product launch and we received a lot of positive feedback from attendees.  The team of Prance was professional, organized, and a pleasure to work with.
    Mr Hogan Weng
  • Mr Jia Ehen
    Team Power International
    We partnered with Prance by organizing a special event for our agency at Genting.  They provided the value of money and services to our members, especially their crisis management were really efficient.
    Mr Jia Ehen
  • Ms Priscilla
    Pullman Hotel KLCC
    I was very impressed with the level of attention to detail and customer service that Prance provided to our hotel's overseas corporate client's event.  Prance went above and beyond to make sure everything was perfect, and the event was a huge success.  I highly recommend Prance for any event planning needs.
    Ms Priscilla

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