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It's not about being the best, it's about being better than you were yesterday.

For a hassle-free experience, speak to our representatives at Prance! Our experts will help you seamlessly organise an event which will capture the attention of your guests. Let us help you select memorable venues for meetings and conferences on your behalf, allowing attendees to enjoy the sights and relax after long and tiring sessions of discussion and debate. We will take care of the logistics and all other tasks behind-the-scenes, so that you too can experience your outstanding event.

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What Our Clients Say

  • Ms Gail
    An excellent seminar! Speakers provided new ideas for how to evolve individual creativity into creative collaboration. It was a great experience for me!
    Ms Gail
  • Mr Ramón
    The conference reminded me of the roots of creativity and the places in our minds that we may have forgotten existed after growing up.  The speakers encouraged us to reboot our imagination and reminded us that the world around us is an infinite source of ideas and inspiration.  The conference, from registration to program running and venue set-up, was very well-organized and handled by Prance's team, and I was very satisfied with the experience.
    Mr Ramón
  • Mr Joseph Low
    The speakers and presentations at the seminar were excellent, providing a wealth of detailed and informative knowledge.  The handout and seminar materials were also of great value and will serve as excellent reference material in the future.  I learned so much and am grateful for the opportunity to have attended such a valuable event organized by Prance.
    Mr Joseph Low
  • Mr Tan CT
    BAT Shared Services
    Prance is effective as they submitted the quotation within short timing by providing the required items & services for our BAT Meeting & Conference. Furthermore, they had completed the event with all the support equipment and challenging tasks successfully.
    Mr Tan CT

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