Why Our Company

Because your passion
is our passion

What is Employee Engagement Crisis? Today 71% of employees are not engaged.


Only 10% look forward to go to work everyday.

1 in 5

1 in 5 employees are looking for a new job


Only 19% are satisfied with their jobs


40% of employees who do not feel meaningfully recognition will not go above their normal responsibilities to get the job done.

About Us

A workplace filled with and driven by employees with positives attitude - vibrate continually to the tune of service excellence and passionate team success.
-Ty Howard

Prance Communications Sdn Bhd (Prance) is creating a positive environment for your workforce, by rewarding your staff, clients, distributors and dealers. Through careful planning by understanding your company's needs, Prance offers various types of rewards, ranging from employee engagement to customer loyalty programmes.

This results in enthusiastic and inspired staff who can further enhance their working performance. Additionally, rewarded customers better appreciate the value of your offerings, keeping their loyalty and business, and they may even spread the word - helping your business grow and perform better.

  • We appreciate your employees.
  • We help your employees to know each other better.
  • We help your employees in their personal development.
  • We emphasise work life balance.
  • We engage the right coaches.
  • We conduct anonymous employee satisfaction surveys.

Our Vision

To be the preferred Employee and Customer Engagement partner, helping companies to attract and maintain quality talent, and heighten customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our Mission

To help our clients understand and better engage with their customers and employees, bringing out the maximum potential for the growth of the company.

Core Values

A company's greatest assets are the people in it - it is through them that the company can perform its best to completely satisfy their clients and customers. Hence, we strongly believe in ‘Rewards To Outperform’, where we reward the people around you for their dedication, bringing forth increased motivation, engagement and loyalty.


Some statistics of Employee Engagement



said recognition for contributions is more fulfilling than any rewards & gifts.



said opportunities for growth were the top reason they stay in the organisation.



find a fun work environment very or extremely motivating.



of employees in Fortunes' 100 Best Companies to Work for said they are working in a "fun" environment.