Employee Incentives

To encourage and motivate all employees to prove their worth, hard work and a high level of achievement is often rewarded.

Incentives – whether monetary or through a holiday or group activity – can encourage them to be more productive.  When worker  productivity goes up, the bottom-line often increases at a rate higher than the worth of the rewards given.

On its own, cash is a short-term motivator.  Employees are definitely pleased when they receive monetary rewards, but finding ways to engage with them can result in more loyal employees.   Thank you notes, flowers and the occasional lunch treat can break up the routine, highlight appreciation and be meaningful at the same time.

Incentives are a good opportunity to interact with your employees – you can hold award ceremonies or a corporate dinner to congratulate and acknowledge your workers, while getting them to learn who they work with and improve teamwork.  Fun activities such as travelling tours or family day events can bring your staff together, recognise them and their family and give them an event to look forward to when working for you.

If you are interested in giving your employees incentives, you can get in touch with us at Prance today! We provide various incentive packages:

  • Spa & Massage Package
  • Health & Wellness Management
  • Food & Beverage
  • Fitness Program
  • Annual Dinner
  • Company Trip
  • Cruise Vacation
  • Astay Villa stay with private pool