Employee Motivations

A workforce filled with people eager to learn and develop is a sure sign of a potential successful company.

Motivated employees who are engaged in their jobs often want to learn more about their company and industry, and pick up skills that can improve their performance.  Employers who can harness the full value of their employees’ motivation will find training a winning prospect from which they also foster loyalty and retention.

Every employee contributes to the organisation, but not everyone sees how what they do affect the company.  Those with specific or limited job scopes may feel they are just a cog in the wheel whose work is not important.  Training can help them understand how their work fits into their company’s structure, mission, goals and achievements.  This makes them more motivated and excited as they understand how what they do matters to the success of the organisation.

Forming a working team with the right attitude is often a challenging process as a group of employees does not necessarily form a team.  A team shares leadership and is interdependent, working with each other and sharing information to achieve the same goal.  Success in most organisations is based on the employees and their ability to work together, and a lot of effort is usually needed to get various individuals, with diverse personalities and assorted skills to operate as a cohesive crew.

In general, workers know when their work could be better.  However, they are missing the tools and ability to achieve their desired potential.  Training can get things on track, allowing them to improve their quality of work and eventual outcome.  As a result, your employees are happier and more excited about the prospects of success.

Additionally, there are many employees who join an organisation not just to earn a living, but to develop a career. Opportunities for advancement are essential to their retention and performance.  Without these prospects, they can become disenfranchised and demotivated.   Training can help employees realise their goals by giving them the skills to do better at their jobs, and also learn about new aspects of business and higher-level managerial skills they can eventually use once they are promoted.

Training is an investment you make to indicate that you value your people and the contributions they make.  It also send a message that the organisation values progress, both in the company’s achievements as well in the careers of its staff.  This will naturally create attachment, loyalty and enthusiasm among staff.  Speak to our representative at Prance today for:

  • Customised Motivational Skill Trainings Or
  • Team Building Program Or
  • Fun Run / Sport Day