Employee Relations

Employee relations covers an employee’s life from the time they are recruited until long after they have left your organisation.

With a good reputation, your staff can be your best recruiters, but this can only happen if they are well-treated, engaged and often rewarded.  With open lines of communication, your workers can even share ideas, and are more inclined to put in more effort to bring about your company’s success.

Communication and relations can be trained, and humans learn optimally by experiencing a blend of activities that promote the learning domains – cognitive, affective and behavioral.  Knowledge alone is insufficient, it must be tied to attitudes and beliefs, and have to be practically applied.

Each employee is a distinct individual, and learn things in different ways utilising three learning styles -observing, listening and experiencing can ensure that your employees remember better and apply what they learnt to their workplace.  Good instructional design will result in excellent communication, and build up your relationships.

To develop the best programmes for your staff, you have to take into account differences in behaviour systems such as DISC can improve work productivity, teamwork and communication, by providing a common language and helping your employees better understand themselves and adapt their behaviours with others, forming quality relationships and excellent teams.

Through such programmes, you can increase your team’s self-knowledge such as how they respond to a conflict, what motivates them, what causes them stress, and how they solve problems.  This in turn can improve your working relationships by recognising the communication needs of each team member, facilitate better teamwork and minimise team conflict.

To help your organisation build better relations and form well-rounded and effective leaders, Prance provides:

  • DISC & Communications Training Or
  • Team Building Program Or
  • Treasure Hunt Games Or
  • Family Day